Dr Jenny Smith and Dr Tim Holders BASES SE & BPS Stage 2 Group

Year 3 Placement

The student’s placement in Year 3 is a bespoke placement. After their experiences in Years 1 and 2 students will now start to think about their chosen career path. This placement is selected to support their decision regarding their future profession. For example if students are keen to become a secondary school PE teacher via the PGCE course they will be encouraged to seek a placement in a secondary school environment, preferably in a different school context to year 2 to provide them with a variety of experiences. Alternatively if they wish to become a coach they would be encouraged to seek a placement at a local club specific to their field of coaching.  This placement not only provides students with further experience but also aids them in developing a portfolio to support future applications for courses or jobs. This placement will also form part of the student’s assessment for the Theoretical and Practical Sports Pedagogy module. Students will be assessed on their teaching/coaching in their selected environment and ability to reflect upon the session taught.  A minimum of 10 hours must be spent on placement and students will be expected to lead sessions.